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"Everybody knows Schiek in the bodybuilding world, it's the gold standard for quality to work out with, I already have the lifting belt and wrist straps, love all your products, they rock!" 

Matthew Norman, Knightdale, NC


My trainer told me this was the only brand he trusted. His previous recommendations have been spot on so I followed it. Athletes at our current box use your products as well and I like the look, feel, and performance of the belts far better than others I have encountered.''

Kelly Beth Clawson, Fairfax, VA


"Best Products in the Market."

Thomas Lenis - New York, NY

"Quality Products & Workmanship at Schiek. Again have used for years, I Depend on & Trust IN Your Products,  Thanks"

Michael Phillips - Augusta, GA


"I've never bought 3 of the same thing in my life until now, Great pair of Gloves!!"

Paul Hutchinson - Tampa, FL


"Amazing Products, am looking forward to future business"

Mark Conklin - Adrian, MI.


"Best gloves I have ever used over the past 10 years, meet my lifting program beyond measure."

Brooks Mason - Newknoxville, OH

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