• A deluxe 1/4" thick and 2-1/2" wide plush neoprene wrist support

  • 1-1/2" wide and 12" long nylon/acrylic webbing for optimum grip and durability

  • The strap is triple stitched perpendicular to the wrist support for secure and precise wrap around the bar

  • 1-1/2" wide rugged stainless steel buckle

Model 1000-DLS - Dowel Lifting Straps

  • Same wrist support design as our padded lifting straps

  • 6" long nylon/acrylic strap with special die cut rubber dowel for a quicker grip

  • Dowel acts as a wedge between the hand and bar

  • Ideal for people that are uncomfortable using longer straps

Model 1000-PLS - Power Lifting Straps

Model 1900 - Ultimate Grip

Model 1200 - Power Lifting Hooks

  • 1/4" thick - 2 1/2" wide neoprene padded wrist support.

  • Coated durable metal hooks for a secure grip.

  • Great for Lat Pull Downs, Shrugs, Pull Ups, Low Rows and other back and shoulder exercises.

Model 1000-BLS - Basic Lifting Straps

  • Same durable 1-1/2" nylon/acrylic webbing as our deluxe straps

  • Full 20" length

Model 1000 BLS2

 2" Basic Lifting Straps

  • Extra-wide 2" strap for maximum grip

  • Full 20" length

  • Ideal for powerlifters

Model 1000-BPS

Basic Padded Lifting Straps

  • 1/8" neoprene padding for added comfort

  • Same design and durability as our basic lifting strap

Model 1700- Ankle Straps

  • Perfect for cable machine exercises

  • 1/4" thick padded strap

  • Superior hook and loop closure

  • Sold in pairs

  • Available in black, red, blue, yellow, and pink! 

Model 1400 - Ab Strap

  • 1/4" neoprene padding for added comfort

  • Heavy duty D-Ring / durable non-slip webbing

  • Perfect for ab crunches and cable pull downs

Model 1000-LLS - Leather Lifting Straps

  • Extra thick 1 1/2" wide natural leather

  • Full 21" length

  • Ideal for people who like leather

Model 1000-LLS - Leather Lifting Straps




Model 1000DLS - Dowel Lifting Straps

  • Plush 1/4" think neoprene wrist supports in combination with a 6" lock-on dowel strap. 

  • The dowel acts as a wedge between the hand and bar providing a quick release alternative to longer straps. 

  • Made with pride in the USA!

Model 1000PLS - Power Lifting Straps

  • The Lifting Straps combine a 1/4" thick neoprene wrist support with a 11" long nylon/acrylic strap. 

  • The straps are sewn perpendicular to the wrist and are extremely durable. 

  • The 11" straps provide for a secure fit around the bar. 

  • Made with pride in the USA!

Model 1700 Schiek Ankle Straps

  • Maximize your cable workouts with the Schiek Model 1700 Ankle Strap.  

  • Made with Plush 5mm neoprene for a comfortable strap with maximum strength and durability.  

  • The superior hook and loop closure system makes this a one size fits most.  

  • Made in the USA!

  • Sold in Pairs



Model J-1000PLS

Jay Cutler Signature Power Lifting Straps

Model J-1000LLS

Jay Cutler Signature Leather Lifting Straps



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